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Raffles Doha - Wellbeing Massages
Raffles Doha - Wellbeing Massages
Raffles Doha - Wellbeing Massages

Wellbeing Massages

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We customise each treatment to your specific needs to ensure the most profound results using the power of touch, which soothes muscle tension, relieves pain and reduces anxiety.

Allow your intuitive sense of smell to choose which of our pure and healing essential oils is right for you. Then breathe in, and allow the fragrance to ease your muscles, quieten your mind and calm your soul.

Total Bliss Massage (90 min)

A total bliss massage is perfect if you’re in need of general relaxation, relief from muscle tension and improved blood circulation. This is your quality time to recover from the stresses of everyday life. The soothing effect of this massage can ease anxiety, improve sleep quality and help you find your focus and unwind. Suitable for those with skin sensitivity as oil blends are cooling and calming to all your senses.

Detox Body Massage (90 min)

Incorporating a detox massage session into your self-care routine can help keep your mind focused. The massage process jump-starts your lymphatic system, which is vital in boosting your immunity. It is the perfect remedy if you’re suffering from fatigue or adrenal stress as it will provide ongoing support for a healthy body and lifestyle.

Muscle Ease Massage (60 min)

This deep tissue massage can assist with muscle relaxation. It’s designed to increase the body’s flexibility, relieve muscle tightness, improve blood circulation and shorten recovery time for those who have experienced sports-related injury or muscle pain. The sublime oil works effectively for congestion and offers the strongest support for a healthier immune response, including any muscle or joint aches, stiffness and pain.

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