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Raffles Doha - Immersive Guest Experiences
Raffles Doha - Immersive Guest Experiences

Immersive Guest Experiences

Each stay is anticipated and prepared days before arrival, to enrich your journey with a myriad of personalized touches.

Every last detail has been thoughtfully planned to help you re-establish equilibrium and find calm after a long journey. Inspired by a non-traditional interpretation of Feng Shui, each suite is designed to bring the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood into harmony and help you feel your best. Innovation is at the heart of our in-room focus on well-being and happiness. Our near-invisible layer of intuitive technology is seamlessly integrated into each suite, with a choice of eight different ambiences that reflect different times of day, moods, and occasions.

In addition, your butler is on hand to create personalised rituals and experiences, including the ones listed below.

In-suite dining by L’Artisan.

To make any occasion during your stay all the more memorable, treat yourself to a multi-sensory fine dining and mixology experience in the comfort of your suite, brought to you by our modern-dining destination. Your room’s ambience is transformed in the blink of an eye thanks to its immersive features, while a luxurious T.T. Trunk brings all L’Artisan’s savoir-faire and art of service right to your doorstep. Watch as the artful culinary and service rituals imagined by star chef Thierry Motsch and his team come alive tableside, for you and your loved ones’ viewing pleasure in your suite or on your private balcony.

Holistic in-suite wellbeing by Three Sages.

Each suite is envisioned not just as a haven of relaxation, but a space in which you can cultivate long-term happiness and wellbeing. Our emphasis on facilitating positive reflection and empowering your creativity allows you to feel truly united in body and mind.

All our suites are equipped with Three Sages’ cutting-edge technology. Access hours of travel-inspired restorative content and expert guided sessions — from yoga to meditation and breathing exercises, to HIIT and more — directly from the immersive wall unit, equipped with an intuitive touch screen and enveloping surround sound. Whether you want to quickly recover from a tiring travel day or keep up with your routine on a new schedule, every resource you need is at your fingertips.

Immersive local tours and experiences.

From its winding souqs steeped in history to its soaring skyscrapers, cutting-edge contemporary art spaces and pristine, magnificently preserved desert surroundings, discover Doha in all its diversity and hidden facets through highly curated journeys that always make room for the surprising and unexpected.

Each tour offers you one-of-a-kind immersions into local life, history, culture and crafts, carving a special place for Doha and Qatar in your heart and memory.

Other Activities Include:

  • A Raffles Doha behind-the-scenes tour;
  • A signature Raffles tour centred around Doha’s culture and architecture, exclusive to our guests;
  • Custom city tours curated to your taste and preferences;
  • Interactive running routes incorporating local attractions.
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The personalization of your suite is where our Raffles Butlers’ flair and creativity, with touching custom attentions that make you feel special and immediately at home. Throughout your stay and over the course of each day, they anticipate and surpass your needs seamlessly and intuitively.

Your butler will take great care in crafting special experiences and rituals to elevate every occasion, no matter how small.

From energizing routines to kick-start your mornings, to bespoke bath time rituals and turn down experiences to ease you into the night, no detail is spared to turn each moment into a precious memory.

We take pleasure in creating a world full of surprises and new discoveries from the moment our younger guests arrive, from the intriguing, tented world we create in each bedroom to an entertaining Lego Land room and mindfulness area for quieter moments.

Our kids’ facilities will soon include:

  • On-site Kids’ Club and day care;
  • Localized kids’ activities and amenities;
  • Kids’ bathroom amenities.
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A private and fully personalized boutique filled with your heart’s desires.

Step inside a larger-than-life treasure chest brimming with your favourite refreshments alongside a curated assortment of local and international delicacies.

Individually prepared to your personal taste, the private Boutique’s extensive selection ensures there is always something new and exciting to please your palate.

Morning arrivals are welcomed by fresh pastries, juices, and local snacks, while a complete cocktail and mocktail setup greets you in the evening. Wind down with a calming herbal infusion and dream food for a restful night’s sleep or indulge in a luxurious nightcap with our collection of limited-edition spirits and cigars on demand.

Small touches of brilliance.

At Raffles Doha, luxurious amenities and custom touches elevate every aspect of your stay. Exclusive to our destination, bespoke creations from French high perfumer Frédéric Malle sublimate each shower and bath experience, with an alternative range of luxury bath and beauty products available on request.

Every night you can curate a sumptuous night’s sleep in your image. Our signature sleep kit contains a calming pillow spray and sleep mask, with a pillow menu covering all preferences. Sink into high thread-count linens of your choice and plush slippers specially designed to fit you like a glove.

Finally, our Truefitt & Hill shaving experience and expert shoe care by John Lobb are here to perfect your grooming.

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