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Raffles Doha - Royal Suite

Royal Suite

Panoramic View Suites

Spellbindingly sumptuous, this vast suite is a lavish ode to all that is wonderous in the world. Here, over two secure floors at the very pinnacle of the hotel, discover a carefully curated collection of pure beauty and elegance.

Distinguished by its rare blend of magnificence and complete privacy, this palatial penthouse suite offers up the very highest form of luxury in Qatar, providing a spectacular haven for dignitaries, VIPs and heads of state.

Enthralling, stirring and completely captivating, every intricate design has been handcrafted to caress the senses. Marvel at vast skies that are visible at every turn from your private wrap-around terraces and immerse yourself in a private wellness centre with hammam, relaxation zone, workout room and yoga studio.

Spanning the 33rd and 34th floors and measuring more than 900 square metres, or almost 10,000 square feet, the Royal Suite offers abundant entertainment, with a dedicated games rooms, a private cinema and expansive majlis, welcoming guests in with grace and discretion.

For larger parties, reserve the impressive Raffles Suite directly below. Secure interior elevators connect both suites, offering a whole new level of space and grandeur.

Behold, the valiant Falcon, Qatar’s national bird. Honoured. Revered. Exalted.

Here, in the resplendent glory of the Raffles Suite, the spirit of this majestic bird of prey is celebrated in rapturous splendour. Each line and curve pays homage to its dramatic flight path as it soars higher and higher, while golden hues and copper tones reflect the parched landscape over which it presides.

Soar the city heights from atop the 32nd floor. This expansive suite is perched like an imposing eyrie that watches over the shimmering Arabian Sea as it moves from dazzling day to glistening night. Like a winged eulogium, homage to this magnificent raptor can be witnessed throughout the expansive suite, from the curated artworks on every wall to the ornate designs in the bathroom and beyond.

A sense of space and freedom also presides, from the voluminous living and dining room, to the cigar room, barber and home cinema. Intensely private, the entire hotel floor is for you alone but for larger groups, an internal elevator connects this suite directly with the Royal

Let your imagination take flight, for this vast suite takes luxury to the edge of all possibilities.

One of the most famous French phrases ‘joie de vivre,’ or ‘exuberant enjoyment of life’ comes to mind when stepping into our most elegant Parisian Suite.

Here, find a celebration of all that embodies the world-famous Parisian style and love of life, with good taste and sophistication in abundance.

Reminiscent of an apartment in Rue de Beaux Arts in Saint Germain, one of the most stylish neighbourhoods in Paris, find graceful archways, priceless artwork and hand-chosen furnishings. In this one-of-a-kind two-bedroom suite that takes up the entire 30th floor of the hotel, appreciate the cultivated French environment that blends seamlessly with Doha at its splendid best. Floating high above azure seas and amazing cityscapes, admire the vistas from an outdoor lounge and dining area, workout in the private gym or enjoy in-suite entertainment in the home theater. This is where timeless glamour blends seamlessly with the latest connectivity and every possible convenience.

With a marble wine cellar, private beauty salon and the impeccable service that comes as standard with your personal Raffles Butler, discover your own ‘joie de vivre’ here.

A daring fusion of colour and style, this two-bedroom suite is designed to provoke conversations and spark delight.

Exhilarating and enticing in equal measure, every moment awakens the imagination and feeds the soul. Step into your private gallery adorned with carefully curated artworks and stand-out statement pieces. This eclectic, magnificent maelstrom of artistry is the pinnacle of creativity.

Follow the daylight dancing and caressing the contours of each room, creating mesmerizing patterns and hues, and let your inner artist come to light. But in a world of contrasts, there is also a calming, soothing side to this uniquely private suite.

Spread over the entire 31st floor, take your front row seat to some of the most spectacular sunsets. The vast, outdoor living spaces and panoramic views capture the very essence of Doha as it happens. Inside, delight in the depth of repose and luxury that imbues every moment of this sensational suite.

Exhilarating, energetic and expressive, this uncompromising suite is for creatives, everywhere.

Beautifully designed with exquisite touches, this suite offers the perfect combination of space and style.

There are 8 Twin Signature Suites available at Raffles Doha, each offering a delightfully furnished terrace, private balcony and sweeping ocean views.

As with every suite at Raffles Doha, you can expect an unparalleled spa-like bathroom experience, a walk-in maxi bar and advanced in-room technology, including audio, video, lighting and aroma control systems.

You can indulge in elevated in-suite dining, take advantage of our bespoke experiences menu and, of course, delight in the legendary Raffles Butler service.

Captivating from every angle, the mesmerizing ocean views provide a dramatic backdrop to your opulent Gulf Signature Suite.

Designed to promote harmony and rest, find enriching designs and uplifting spaces that serve to compliment the ultra-luxurious environment. Delve into the tranquillity of a beautiful bedroom and settle body and mind in the quiet calm of a large living space. Your personal Raffles Butler is always on hand to answer your every whim, from preparing a restorative bath to ordering nourishing meals from one of our gourmet restaurants.

Here, let ocean breezes lull you to sleep and wake restored and rejuvenated.

At once intricate and extravagant, marvel at both the exquisite attention to detail and luxurious sense of space that comes with a Crescent Signature Suite.

The views are a delightful fusion of city and ocean, with vistas over sparkling seas and the vibrant Doha metropolis, with a glimpse of the sleek curves of the Katara Towers visible from your private outdoor lounge.

With a separate bedroom, living and dining areas, find moments of indulgence behind every door, from the rich, velvety fabrics and deep carpets to in-suite technology that allows you to adapt your environment to suit your mood. Your private Raffles Butler is also discreetly in the background, waiting to fulfil your every want.

Exquisite elegance lies at the heart of these wonderous spaces, designed to delight with their pure beauty and elevated luxury.

Soothing and spacious, unwind in the complete comfort of a bountiful bedroom then glide into the sophisticated calm of the light-filled living room. Witness the vibrant city below transform from bustling day to glistening night from your private, furnished terrace then unwind in the elevated luxury of your sensational suite. Create an ambiance that matches your mood and moment. Turn the lights down low and sink into serenity.

Meanwhile, your legendary Raffles Butler is always there to assist you in every way.

A sensory sensation with ocean views at every turn, watch azure seas and turquoise skies blend into one on a shimmering horizon, then witness sparkling day give way to twinkling night skies. Your vast windows and private balcony are front row seats to natures’ bountiful theater.

Inside, the sensory journey continues, where dramatic high arches, deep carpets, rich fabrics and intricate designs invite you in. Rest in the comfort of a vast bedroom, sink into luxurious soft sofas in the living area or enjoy the sheer luxury of in-suite dining, an unforgettable and highly personalized experience that is delivered with impeccable flair and attention to every single detail.

Whether it’s bright day or dusky night, tailor the environment to fit your mood with our in-suite technology and delight in the legendary service of your personal Raffles Butler.

Get swept up in the cascading beauty of the Crescent Suite, with elegant, curving symmetry and private balconies that overlook the sea, city and swooping contours of the Katara Towers.

Created as an airy, sophisticated sanctuary for the well-travelled, leaf through the extensive library and luxuriate in the craftmanship of this lavish junior suite.

Our advance in-room technology allows you to adapt your environment with lights, temperature and scent all under your control, while your Raffles Butler remains discreetly in the background, there for you alone.