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Raffles Doha - Ramadan SOHOUR at Raffles Garden

Ramadan SOHOUR at Raffles Garden

Unite with friends and family for the ultimate dining experience along our stunning garden. Where the outdoors becomes home to indulgent traditional Sohour delicacies – all overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Spend Sohour outside along the magical garden. Start your day of reflection with family and friends as you nourish yourself with our range of delightful delicacies whilst enjoying light entertainment along the seafront.

Enjoy everything from traditional Arabic coffee, laban with mint, perfect pastries and plump Arabic dates. For main, indulge in hot Arabic mezze and mixed grills, saffron chicken, Dahl Makani and so much more – all from our waterfront live stations.

Unite with friends and family for the ultimate dining experience along our stunning garden. Where the outdoors becomes home to indulgent Iftar nights – all overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Stretching from the opulent Raffles Doha to the elegant Hotel’s garden. Our Ramadan will offer al-fresco dining, unique gastronomy experiences and interactive service like no other.

With a range of live cooking stations from each of the hotel’s restaurants expect Indian from Masala Library, Italian from Alba by Enrico Crippa, Latin American from Vaya, Asian from Provok, and international dishes from L’Artisan.

Indulge in an impressive Iftar with friends and family at Raffles and Fairmont Garden. Every night, feast on our range of delicious live stations and Ramadan speciality drinks. From lamb ouzi to traditional tagines, maki and sushi rolls to market fresh seafood, there’s dish to explore every night. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something sweet, including mouth-watering mango cheesecake, decadent Tiramisu, honeyed Ashta, fresh seasonal fruits and so much more.

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Created for seekers of rare and unforgettable experiences, this enchanting dining performance is for each guest alone, served in the luxury of your vast suite.

Your one-of-a kind personalized production starts at the door, with the unpacking of each element, carried out with flourish and ceremony.

The finest of linens are laid out, with delicate bone china plates and gleaming cutlery and glassware, all vessels for the main event, then, with captivating grandezza, your dishes are unveiled one by one, and with practised hand, finished, and laid out before you.

This is where supreme culinary experiences meet with absolute privacy and discretion, so set the mood and the music for your own private restaurant and let us orchestrate a dining encounter that you will never forget.

There’s a sense of timeless sophistication in our Blue Cigar lounge, where unexpected cultural encounters beckon in those who seek out the finest stories, to be later called up and recalled with renewed wonder. Craftmanship and authenticity are at the very heart of every Blue Cigar experience, which showcases immersive, raw luxury at its very finest.

Created to further elevate this unique experience, select one of the finest Cuban tobaccos in the world, sourced from Fidel Castro’s own stock, and one our experienced rollers will craft a cigar for you alone.

Pair it with a rare whisky, smoky cocktail or alcohol free drink, or choose from our Latin American inspired menu, and savour dishes that are a work of art in their own right, then let the notes from the local music cascade over you, sink into a leather armchair and settle in for the evening.

The exquisite Writers Lounge is where old narratives come to life in imaginative and inspiring ways. Leaf through priceless first edition books that take place of honor on the hallowed library shelves. Select a pre-loved classic that tells its own unique story through its glorious imperfections – handwritten notes inserted in pages that have spoken to a previous owner, a coffee stain from a late-night reader, or a well-worn cover of a book that has been lovingly passed down through generations.

Recline in centuries-old leather armchairs, lose yourself in a novel and then order a bespoke dining and drinking experience that has been inspired by the story-line.

Bespoke cigar with 20 year old tobacco by Molinari

Worldwide cigar delivery in 24 hours
Cigar rollers from the Dominican Republic
Experiential dining menu
Extensive cocktail selection
Ultra-luxury watch collaboration

This is where the sacred Middle Eastern tradition of generous hospitality harmonizes with the timeless glamour that is synonymous with the Raffles brand.

With unfolding beauty over three sensational settings, the Malaki Raffles Lounge is where the art of great hospitality can be enjoyed in its most luxurious form.

Amidst the cascading wonder of the elegant atrium, sit among the soft swirls of light fabric, soaring arches and intricate artwork, move into the palatial surrounds of the lounge, where live Middle Eastern music compliments the effervescent ambiance, or absorb natures beauty in the tranquil terrace garden.

From sunrise to sunset we are waiting to serve; from artisan teas and coffees, an elevated interpretation of afternoon teas and delectable sundowners.

Every moment, throughout the day or night, we invite you to be our most esteemed guest.

A haven for music lovers offering a richly immersive ambiance, experience two very different destinations that stretch over the top two floors of Raffles Doha.

From its elevated position on the 36th floor, find an intimate, alluring lounge, where thrumming beats and muted lighting gives the sensation of an exclusive hideaway. While just beyond the rounded walls of this divinely mellow space, lie panoramic views across the vibrant city and sparkling azure seas. From this mesmerizing vantage point, take a seat, order a cocktail and let soothing soul and jazz music delight and entertain.

One floor above lies a captivating and vivacious world which moves to the DJ’s beat.

Set in the clouds, and towering over the city, absorb this electrifying experience from atop one of the most magnificent rooftop bars in the world.

Delight at the vistas over Doha from an elevated position and sample Silk Route inspired tapas or immerse yourself in the most elegant and time-honored tradition of Afternoon Tea. When the light fades, sip creative cocktails and mocktails and allow the swirling fusion of live music to wash over you.

Experience the theatrical display of world-class modern dining, where every dish is an unforgettable performance – a uniquely flamboyant event that plays to all the senses.

Skilled head chef Thierry Motsch, who trained at globally acclaimed restaurants in Paris, London, and Monaco, brings his characteristic finesse and eye for perfection and creates each dish with natural craftsmanship and a pinch of panache.

From sumptuous Brunches to signature dishes delivered on Guerídon trolleys and finished tableside, each dish is expressed with the intensity and care of artists delivering their latest commission.

A mesmerizing fusion of theatrical displays, electrifying knifework, and a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and flavors, L’Artisan is a one-of-a-kind culinary encounter for cultivated travelers and global bon vivant’s.

Inspired by a rare and matchless delicacy, the scene is set for one of the world’s most exclusive gastronomic experiences.

The culinary grandmaster? The highly-prized white truffle or tartufo bianco d’Alba, which can only be found in dense woods in the small Italian town of Alba. The pinnacle of gourmet refinement, it is sought out by connoisseurs around the world for its incredible flavor. Legendary 3 Michelin Star chef, Enrico Crippa, with his eye for innovative textures and tastes, puts his own unique spin on centuries old Italian Tartufi recipes, and offers up a series of dining encounters for serious flavor hunters.

From the Romeo and Juliet truffle balcony to our signature martini made with white truffles, the Tartufi is brought to life in fresh and imaginative ways by head chef D’Alessio and his talented team.

Relish an intensity of flavors, flair and color, served in an exciting atmosphere, where you can dine in the main restaurant, with attentive tableside service or in one of the secluded spaces featuring captivating chef interactions.

Offering an exclusive feast for all the senses, aficionados of truly great food and rare experiences, join us.

Lounge poolside and luxuriate in the tranquility of this cool retreat, for you will find yourself in a picture-postcard setting with dramatic ocean and cityscape views.

The Pool Bar epitomizes pure luxury, where you can rest on plush sun loungers and soak up the suns warming rays then plunge into the magnificent freshwater pool or inviting sea. Re-hydrate with our refreshing signature fruit and botanical waters or choose from our selection of iced drinks, which range from cocktails to frosty chocolate, frozen lattes and Frappuccino’s.

Indulgent ice creams devoured poolside are all part of the days relaxed pace, while a Californian-inspired menu offers up an enticing range of dishes.

Recline and recharge; retreat into the privacy of a cabana or enjoy the decadence of drinking and dining atop a floating bed in the pool with a floating tray. Pure bliss!