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Raffles Doha - Meeting Rooms
Raffles Doha - Meeting Rooms
Raffles Doha - Meeting Rooms
Raffles Doha - Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

For world-leading thinkers.

Elegant spaces with cutting-edge technologies.

At Raffles Doha, the scene is set for a world-class event, where elevated elegance is matched with complete privacy and seamless technology. Nestled in this avant-garde architectural masterpiece, our five elegant and awe-inspiring meeting rooms are crafted to gather 12 guests around a grand table.

Each room is an elevated interpretation of what a meeting space should be. A treasure-trove of literary gems awaits in the library, while soaring arches, silk carpets and crystal chandeliers add a rich, luxurious tone.

A private butler and experienced behind-the-scenes team are there every step of the way, to ensure every event runs smoothly, while seamless technology and connectivity are masterfully woven into the walls, turning every presentation into a triumph.

Our Meeting Rooms include: Al Barek, Al Hidham, Al Baatik, Al Juraz, Al Wishah and Al Mudajjal.

Each room is fitted with the latest level of technologies which include:
• Bluray laptop connections;
• Wireless presentation/communication system;
• Video conference;
• Sound system: Discussion system, microphones, speakers, amplifiers and DSP.

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